What If Wednesday


One of my goals is to blog more regularly.  To do so, I have decided to start a series called What If Wednesday as I frequently find myself asking questions related to the field of education that begin with that said question.  Sometimes they will be thematic, sometimes they won’t.  It’s just a series of questions that’s on my mind.  Feel free to answer or share your own.

What if…

  • Students were given a time limit on homework?
  • Homework only consisted of practice?
  • We gave students the homework to read or write whatever they want?
  • We told them that after school they were required to play?
  • Students created their own assignments?
  • Students had a series of assignments to choose from?
  • Students knew all their homework at the beginning of the week?
  • Students created the schedule to complete their homework?
  • The students’ homework was to reflect on what they learned and practiced in class and prepared questions and a plan for the future?
  • Homework wasn’t considered a requirement?

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